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Negative Effects of Diet Soda on Weight Loss

A healthy diet and positive thinking are two pillars to a long and tension free life. Healthy diet provides and maintains general healthiness and overcomes all kinds of deficiency. Many people think that by compromising on eating one or two food items they can become healthy, but fail to see the contradiction. Weight loss can be done only through regular exercising and healthy eating.

The Medifast Weight Loss program limits the amount of diet soda, while clients are shedding weight. There are several clinical reasons why diet soda is limited on the program.Weight Loss Phoenix AZ

Low Calorie Soda Does Not Reduce Overall Weight

Recently, a study found that by drinking low calorie soda like diet coke and other low fat drinks instead of the regular sugar laden drinks, weight can be lost and taste buds can also be satisfied, simultaneously. But a Purdue University professor, Dr Susan E. Swithers, contradicts the above statement.

She says that diet sodas do not reduce weight, but increase it and also other health problems. Swithers compiled decades of survey and research results, and came up with this breaking news.

Swithers concluded that low calorie drinks come with artificial sweeteners, which can cause type 2 diabetes and excessive weight gain as well. She also pointed out that in order to satisfy the taste buds, over-consumption may happen because these drinks come with substitute flavors that differ from original taste. According to published studies, these artificial drinks can cause disturbance in metabolism and endocrine functionality of the body.

Diet Soda Can Contribute to Metabolism Problems and Lead to Weight Gain

Swithers reported in Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism that frequent high consumption of artificial sweeteners can Phoenix weight loss clinichave counterintuitive effect. While compiling the research, she came to her hypothesis that by lowering the quantity if saccharine, sucralose, and aspartame in artificial sweeteners, the risk of obesity can be reduced. However, it may lead to other health problems like cardiovascular syndromes and metabolism problems.

Swithers, a leading professor of neuroscience and psychology, also said that by taking in artificial sweeteners people are developing a weaker response to the tastes. She said that although the risk of gaining weight is being reduced but other problems are cropping up which are more harmful than obesity. Swithers also concluded that due to less exposure to sun, vitamin D deficiency is also found in people, which is weakening the bones and joints and increasing the risk of diabetes.

Additional findings of Swithers’ research includes approximately one third or 33 percent of adult Americans consume artificial sweeteners in place of high- energy sugars. As many as 15 percent of children above the age of two years consume these sweeteners and artificial low calorie soda. Swithers said that there are two possible reasons of opposite effects of these artificially sweetened beverages. First of all, people think that they can get away with eating other harmful food items by compromising on one. Secondly, these sweeteners might be confusing the brain regarding the taste buds.Medifast Phoenix

Final Thoughts

According to recent research findings,  the data is clear that diet sodas are harming the body in other ways rather than decreasing the risk of obesity. Experts suggest that immediate steps must be taken scientifically to stop the increasing neurological problems. Instead of regulating blood sugar, the artificial sweeteners are causing irregularities in brain, heart, the digestive system, and the endocrine system.


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