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The Top Five Reasons to Lose Weight Before Joint Replacement

Joint replacement surgery is designed to replace a damaged joint with metal and plastic components. There are many diseases which may require joint replacement after long term wear and tear to the joints. These might include rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. When disease such as these cause significant disability and pain, joint replacement surgery may be the best remaining option.knee replacement

In order to reduce the risk for complications and increase the chance of a successful surgery, you might want to lose weight before you have your surgery.

1. Orthopedic surgeons are often concerned with operating on obese patients because obese patients have a higher risk for complications such as deep infections, increased superficial wound infections, poor wound healing, and deep venous thrombosis.

2. The odds for deep infection among obese patients is 9 times higher than those who are not overweight. Those who are obese also have a significantly higher rate of wound infections which is often attributed to the poor oxygenation of the adipose tissue in their body, which increases the wound tension and the endocrine disorders.

3. Increased body weight also causes an increased amount of pressure on the bone where the replacement is taking place, which will lead to premature loosening of the artificial joint, as well as increased failure rates for the artificial joint. A five year survival rating for the artificial joint is only 74% in obese patients compared to 100% in non-obese patients.

4. There is a relationship between obesity and age knee replacement. The age of patients who are obese is 13 years younger compared to those patients who are not overweight. This means that the patients are 13 canstockphoto1869885(1)years younger, and they have to have their artificial joint replaced earlier, causing a higher likelihood that they will require one or more revisions over time.

5. Other scientific findings indicate that obese patients do not lose weight after they have joint replacement surgery and often blame the inability to lose weight on the secondary pain related to the reduced activity levels brought about by the artificial joint. Those who opt to lose weight before, do not use this as an excuse as often.

6. Weight loss can decrease the pain to the point that your surgery may be postponed for a few years or no longer necessary. This is a very important point because artificial joints all have to be replaced roughly every 15 years, so the longer you can delay your need for surgery, the better off you will be in the long run.

It is important to note that patients who are morbidly obese are considered unsuitable for the joint replacement surgery because of their excess weight. In such cases weight loss surgery is absolutely necessary in order to have the surgery.

This can help to reduce the risk of negative side effects and increase the likelihood of successful joint replacement surgery at a later date. The survival of the artificial joint will also be extended if patients lose weight.

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8 Tips to a Healthy Work Setting – from a Phoenix Weight Loss Clinic

If you have an office job or a job that requires sitting for eight hours or more, you could be jeopardizing your own health. What is wrong with sitting environments and what tips can you learn to avoid the risk of hurting our own bodies? For example, most people will experience headaches, neck, shoulder, back, and even leg pain. Some will get numbness in the arms, wrist, legs and feet. A few reasons for the above aches and pains in the office include:canstockphoto5687090

  • The most obvious is being non-active for long periods of time.
  • Using the computer typing can cause straining or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Sitting or slumping in your chair can cause poor posture and weak back and shoulder muscles.
  • A stationary position for too long at a time may cause bad moods and a lack of creativity opposed to taking small breaks and refreshing one’s self.

Your workplace is an important part of your life and staying healthy and energized play a big role in your well-being, which affects your job and your home life. You need to find ways to help your body and mind to stay alert, creative, and eager to get the job done. Here are eight tips to a healthier work setting.

1: Adjust Work Area or Desk to a Proper Height

To avoid straining or bending over at the desk, it would be a good idea to adjust the desk to a proper sitting for your body to feel the most comfortable. Many people don’t think about this, but it can lead to bad pains in the back if your desk is not the right height or proportions for your body. You must take control of your work area and adjust everything to suit you.

2: Adjust Your Monitor Position

As mentioned above, you must take control of your work area. Placing everything within reach on your desk is the most essential thing to do. Next, adjusting your keyboard and monitor is important for your typing and viewing. Resting your wrist properly is vital, especially while typing. Having your monitor at a view to where you aren’t straining your neck or eyes is equally important. Also, make sure your eyes line up with the top of the monitor, which is an ideal height to go by. You can find equipment to adjust your monitor at office supply stores. Also you can buy the extra leaf for the keyboard in order to rest your wrist as typing.

3: Book Stand for Reading Material

Book stands are still popular in the workplace, especially if researching or typing from material. We should always consider this device in order to provide ease and comfort. It prevents neck strain due to being able to adjust the material to your eye level. The longer you read, the more important you will find the book stand to be.

canstockphoto152310384: Use a Headset when Talking on the Phone

Have you ever had to hold the phone between your ear and shoulder while multitasking? After a few hours of this, you are ready for the chiropractor. Not only does it cause excruciating neck pain, but this can cause headaches and poor posture as well. Headsets are a “neck” saver, and you will find that they make your job much easier.

5: Exercise Ball instead of a Chair

Another tip, and maybe the most comfortable of all tips, is using an exercise ball as a chair at your desk. It is a wonderful invention for exercise, and an even better one to use in your daily work station. The exercise ball can improve posture and body strength. The ball not only helps circulation of the body, but you are not so inclined to sit slouchy or slumped at the desk.

6: Wobble Board as a Footrest

The wobble board is an interesting tool used in the workstation. It’s a footrest which provides an elevated platform. It helps the legs to rest and keeps them from feeling too much pressure in the back. When you can, stand on the wobble board. It can eliminate stiffness from muscles and joints in our legs.

7: A Power Web

Keeping the hand and wrist strengthened is vital to working at the computer or office. The power web is an elastic resistant web-like hand stretcher. It stretches the muscles of the hands, wrists, and forearms. You can even exercise and stretch your fingers with this fantastic device. The power web relieves stress and tension. If you are one to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, consider buying this device, whether you work in the office or not.

8: Taking Mini Breaks

Working non-stop until lunch seems like the respectable thing to do when working in the office with computers, researching, typing, answering phones, and a million other things. However, it is not mentally or even physically healthy. All the above tools or ideas can help, but sometimes, just a simple four minute break with your eyes off of the screen, ears off of the phone or headset, fingers off of the keyboard will help you considerably. Get up, move around, walk to get a drink of water, or just do some stretches. The mini break can give enough pause to the job at hand to where you will feel refreshed and renewed to handle many more hours of work.

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