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The 5 Keys to Safely Losing 20% of Your Body Weight

We all know that losing weight is not an easy task. However, with the right approach, you can easily lose 20% of your body weight in just 20 weeks and you can do it safely and effectively. So how does one go about losing 20% of their body weight?

The best part about losing 20% in 20 weeks means that you are only aiming for 1% per week. Take a look at the 5 key aspects mentioned in this article and you will find out that losing weight is easier and more effective than ever.

1.        You want to start by working out your weekly weight loss goal. As mentioned before, you are after 1% per week. So your weekly weight loss goal should be only 1% of your current body weight. You should also work out the amount of calories that you need to be cutting down on. The idea is to consume fewer calories than you can burn. You can make use of a calorie deficit calculator. There are countless websites that provide you with realistic calculations for free.Obesity Sign

2.         Once you are aware of the amount of calories that you need to be cutting, start by eliminating them from your diet. A good way to reach calorie deficit goals faster is to reduce the intake of high-sugar foods like candy and soft drinks. You can also start by checking the calorie count of the snacks that you eat and if getting rid of them can help, start by gradually letting go of one snack item at a time. The ability to make small and gradual changes will ensure that you lose weight safely and effectively.

The great news is that Medifast actually accomplishes the calorie amounts for you, and has great tasting food that moderates the amount of sugar already.

3.        Nothing is as good as exercise when it comes to losing weight safely. Exercise, not only helps you lose weight but ensures that the weight is kept off after losing it. You want to ensure that you spare at least a half an hour to one hour every day for exercise. Exercise on the weekdays and make use of resistance training on the weekend.

It will really help burn calories and will speed up the weight loss process. Remember to change up your training exercise as you progress nearer towards the end of the 20 weeks. In order to ensure that the exercise routine is safe and effective, make use of the internet to work out the type of exercise and training which will work best for you according to your current weight at the time.weight loss picture big pants

–        Ensure that you eat healthy foods only. There is plenty of information available on the internet that can provide you with a guide on healthy food, drinks, snacks and meals. Medifast offers over 85 food choices that are safe and nutritious along with being delicious.

–        Track your progress. Nothing is as important as tracking your progress when it comes to working out the effectiveness of the weight loss routine. Keep a record of your weekly progress. Mention the exercise and training you did that week and how it helped you.

You can also keep a note of certain food items that you feel are playing an effective part. Seeing positive results in front of you will keep you motivated and dedicated towards reaching the ultimate goal. With Medifast, clients meet with Certified Weight Loss Specialists at one of five Valley locations weekly to receive guidance, motivation and tips!


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