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The 5 Most Common Questions about Losing Weight

Are you planning to start a weight loss program? Are there any queries that you feel need to be answered? Here are 5 of the most common questions related to losing weight. They may just be the answers that you are looking for.Weight Loss Center Chandler AZ

1-     Are several small meals better than 3 large ones?

Experts on weight loss often recommend several smaller meals, as compared to larger ones. The reason is that smaller meals will help you cut down on the cravings. It is also known to help in regulating the blood sugar. On the other hand, some people argue that frequently eating will raise the insulin levels and prevent you from burning fat. The idea is to keep at least a 2 hour break between your meals so that your body can work towards burning the fat.

Medifast actually uses this technique with six meals daily for several reasons. The most beneficial is that clients don’t feel hungry and get to eat food that is delicious and nutritious!

2-     Is exercise compulsory for losing weight?

No, exercise is not required if you are looking to lose weight, however, it is needed to burn fat and help keep it off. There are different types of exercises that you can do in accordance to the kind of weight loss program that you are considering. It is also important to remember that while exercise may not be required, a good workout plan will always help lose weight in a more effective manner.

3-     Do I have to count my calories every time I eat?

No, you do not have to count your calories every time you eat. However, it is important that you track your progress in some way. You can keep a diary of your weight at the start and end of the week. You can also keep a note of certain food items that you feel are helping you lose weight faster. Only when you are tracking your progress, will you be able to monitor whether a certain weight loss program is working for you or not.

At Medifast Weight Control Centers, there is no need to count calories. That work has already been done for clients, so there is no complicated math involved!

4-     Is it harder for women to lose weight as they grow older?

Yes, it is sadly harder to lose weight as one gets older. The reason is due to the fluctuations of hormones taking place in a woman’s body. As a result, the metabolism slows down which makes it harder to shed weight. StresWeight loss Phoenix AZs levels are also known to increase as one gets older. Career and family pressures may keep one in more stress, as compared to when one was younger. Stress may sometimes make it more difficult to lose weight.

5-     Do weight loss programs work?

Yes, they do! Professional weight loss programs have been carefully put together to ensure that a person can lose weight and lose it quickly. However, it is important to monitor the food portions and types of food in the weight loss program. Although some weight loss programs may help you lose weight quickly, they may not do it effectively. Always check that the weight loss program is safe and highly recommended before you consider giving it a try.


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