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The Benefits of Eating Small Meals

by Arizona Medifast

There are a number of advantages to eating numerous small meals over the course of a day instead of the regular three-large-meal plan many people have. Eating only small meals is one technique to managing weight, and proves especially reliable for those who need to manage their cholesterol levels or diabetic needs. Other benefits of controlling daily nutrition through having only small meals is the ability to make healthier meal choices each meal, while helping to avoid overeating.

Small Meals and the Metabolism

It is common for people to think of metabolism as how fast the body burns food, and this is simply not the whole story. Metabolism is a Weight Loss Center Scottsdalecollection of biochemical processes that culminate in the production of energy. The thought that one’s metabolism can be increased by eating only many small meals instead of three large ones is actually a myth.

This being said, there are still plenty of benefits to small meals including a tendency to assist in faster weight loss, and a better maintenance of the target weight once achieved. These effects are not due to a change in metabolism speed, but are instead due to the numerous benefits provided by switching to multiple small meals a day.

Small Meals Help to Prevent Gorging

The traditional pattern of eating breakfast when the person wakes, lunch around noon, and a dinner sometime after work has ended. This creates large gaps of time between meals, with the average person having 5 to 6 hours between each meal. These periods of time allow the sensation of hunger to fester, increasing the likelihood that the next meal eaten will be much larger than it should, to help curb these feelings of hunger.

This stimulates repeated sessions of over-eating, something that can be prevented through eating multiple small meals a day instead. Eating small meals every 2 hours will directly prevent the large sensation of hunger from developing, which goes a long way in preventing gorging by having the person simply not be hungry enough to gorge.

Better Eating With Small Meals

There are two additional benefits to switching to a small meal only program: Better food choices and lower caloric intake. Having only small meals to worry about allows for there to be a better choice of food for each, making it much easier to eat healthy. For many people, switching to this small meal program will also greatly lower the over-all caloric intake each day, stimulating weight loss without the feeling of hunger or decreased energy.

Phoenix weight loss centerControlling Blood Glucose with Small Meals

Smaller meals eaten more frequently can help to stabilize the levels of glucose in the blood for an individual. Smaller meals will normally contain much less glucose than their larger counterparts, meaning that the amount of glucose being introduced to the body is much lower than normal. This assists the body in the proper management of this glucose, which can greatly benefit those with diabetic needs.


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