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Top 5 Weight Loss Strategies – from Medifast Phoenix

When you are trying to lose weight, you are likely looking for ways to jump start your weight loss.  There are plenty of diets on the market that can help and there are also a lot of products that advertisers want you to buy.  However, these weight loss strategies, along with visiting Medifast Weight Control Centers, will help you dramatically.  Here are the top five weight loss strategies to help you get started towards your goal weight.
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Strategy#1: Drink Water
One of the best things you can do for your body is to simply drink more water.  That not only means cutting out soda and other sugary drinks, but it also means adding more liquid in the form of water to your daily routine.

There are many reasons why drinking water can help you loss weight.  First, water has been known to speed up the metabolism.  When your body is hydrated properly, it can burn more calories.  Second, water is the most healthy drink.  You will find that everything from your skin to your energy level simply feels better when you drink more.  And third, water is filling so if you drink more, you will be hungry less.

Strategy#2: Take up a New Hobby
You may not be the type of person that enjoys working out, but moving around more does not have to feel like a workout.  Try a few different new hobbies and see what you enjoy.  You could go for a bike ride, get out the roller blades, or simply commit to walking once or more a day.  When you experiment with your workouts, you will find that there is something out there you truly enjoy and working out will feel more like a hobby than something you have to do.

Weight Loss Clinic PhoenixStrategy#3: Add Vegetables
Most people simply do not eat enough vegetables.  Instead of taking items away from your mealtime menu, you should add vegetables to your plate.  Add quite a few and cut back on the other items.  If you eat the vegetables first, you will find that you will likely be too full for much of anything else.  This will help you fill up on nutrients your body needs and cut back on things that you don’t really need in a more natural way.

Strategy#4: Find a Weight Loss Friend
Your weight loss will become even more successful if you have a friend that is losing weight alongside you.  The two of you can talk about recipes, struggles, goals, and accomplishments in an open manner since you are going through the same things.  You will be more likely to stay motivated and on track with a friend by your side with weight loss goals of his or her own.

Strategy #5: Visit Medifast Weight Control Centers

Medifast has 5 locations in Arizona, including Gilbert, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler & Glendale. Medifast offers over 80 food options along with certified weight loss counselors who offer motivation and advice. Free consultations and body composition analysis are offered to new clients, and individualized weight loss programs are put together for your best results.


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