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Two Diet Tips That Are Actually Bad For Your Body

With so much information being presented to the public about dieting, it is hard for any single individual to know what is and isn’t the right choice for their health. This information can come to a person from a variety of sources, and can range from information provided by a personal trainer to a lose-weight-quick fad seen in a magazine.

Tip #1: Cutting Calories is Cutting Weight!

Who hasn’t heard, “If you want to lose weight, simply eat less!”? Well there is some merit to eating smaller portions for each meal; the going theory behind this is a Weight Loss Clinic Phoenixreduced daily caloric intake makes for an overall loss in weight. One pound of fat equates to approximately 3500 consumed calories. Therefore, for a person to lose a single pound each week, they have to eat 500 less calories a day. For many people, this is over a quarter of their daily in-take gone off the menu.

This strict restriction on how much you can eat is actually detrimental to the effort to lose weight, as it tricks the body into entering a state some refer to as starvation mode. The energy your body needs to thrive begins to be taken from the muscle of the body, while fat is retained in the effort to keep an energy supply ready because your body doesn’t know when the next meal will be – even if you do.

So how does Medifast deal with this issue? By offering a program where you get to eat every two to three hours, with food that is delicious and tends to ramp up your metabolism. This allows you to burn more calories and actually consume less as well.

Tip #2: Diet Soda Isn’t Diet

For most people, the intake of diet soda is among the leading causes of their weight issue. Soda is just so tasty. So it makes sense that switching to diet soda will do wonders for a person’s diet, right?


While it is true that, on average, diet sodas have less calories than a normal soda, this is almost entirely taken from the lack of sugar in a diet soda. What occurs whecanstockphoto2640487n you drink a diet soda is simply another instance of tricking your body into putting on weight. First, companies make up for the lack of natural sugar in drinks by adding copious amounts of artificial sweetener. These sweeteners have been tied to weight gain by the effect they have on the body.

Artificial sweeteners stimulate the natural taste receptors of the body, telling the brain to prepare for high caloric in-take of sugar. The body then produces insulin in anticipation of this energy, which finds no actual energy to store. This leads to feelings of hunger as the body seeks to consume the energy the taste buds said was present, leading many to overeat to curb the feeling of hunger.

These three misconceptions are bits of ‘helpful dieting information’ that get thrown around a lot by people who have not actually taken the time to research proper dieting or the benefits of a balanced program. Avoiding these, and knowing what they really do in the long run, can be the first stepping stone in a journey to a healthy happier you.


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