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Weight Loss at Home and in Restaurants – Tips from Medifast AZ

There is no way you can put your everyday life to a halt when you want to lose weight.  The challenge of losing weight is that you have to fit your new lifestyle into your old lifestyle in order to make it work.  That means you have to find ways you can lose weight at home and in restauraBest Weight Loss Clinic Phoenixnts, at work and in every other aspect of your normal life.  Here are a few ways you can move towards your weight loss Phoenix goals without disrupting your everyday life.

First, eat only when your stomach is growling and calling out for food.  If you eat simply because everyone around you is eating or because it is your normal lunchtime, you are doing your diet a disservice.  Because you often eat out of boredom, stress, due to the time, or for social reasons, you may not even really remember what it feels like to be hungry.  Keep in mind that if you are craving a certain food, you are likely not hungry at all.  When you would eat anything anyone set in front of you, that means you are really hungry and ready for a meal.

Second, eat slowly whenever you do eat.  Take your time to get your meals into your body and drink water between bites.  Don’t try to shove your meal down in record time because you will get hungrier faster and you will likely eat more than you need.  Your brain actually lags behind your stomach by about 20 minutes in terms

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Your brain lags behind your appetite by about 20 minutes.

of fullness signals.  If you eat slowly enough, your brain will catch up with you in time to tell you that you do not need any more food.

Third, eat the majority of your meals at home.  When you eat out, you are more likely to eat high calorie foods with larger portions.  Restaurants serve such huge portions that they have even gotten bigger tables in order to accommodate all of the food.  The best thing you can do for your diet is eat at home most of the time.  When you do eat out, ask your waiter to bring a to-go box at the beginning of the meal and then put most of your meal into that box before you even begin eating.

Losing weight is not something you can turn on and off at your convenience.  If you want to make it to your weight loss goals, you will have to get your plan to fit into your everyday life with ease.

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