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Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes That Should Prompt a Doctor Visit

Diabetes patients should take proper treatment to manage the disease, so that they can avoid further complications. The main aims of treating diabetic patients are to improve the quality of life, regulate and monitor the blood sugar level, and prevent both short term and long term complications of the disease. Type 2 diabetes is mainly due to the result of a poor lifestyle. Hence, the complications can be reduced greatly by Diabetes-picture-274x300making changes in the lifestyle. The lifestyle changes include consuming a healthy diet, and exercising regularly.

Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, your primary doctor will start the treatment for diabetes or refer to another doctor who is specialized in treating diabetes. A healthcare team will help the diabetic patient to manage the diabetes, so that he or she can enjoy good health. The healthcare team includes doctors, diabetes educators, pharmacists, exercise trainers, and dieticians.

An efficient disease management is possible with the help of the healthcare team. Diabetic patients should consult a doctor at least for every 3-4 months. If the patient is managing diabetes with proper diet or pills, then he or she has to meet the doctor every 4-6 months. However, if the blood glucose level is not under control, then the patient has to consult a doctor more frequently.

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes that require immediate attention of the doctor are:

  1. Diabetic Retinopathy

The diabetic patients should consult an ophthalmologist every year to perform a dilated eye test. The symptoms of diabetes retinopathy that require a visit to the ophthalmologist are blurred vision and blind spots. More significant symptoms such as hemorrhages and cotton-wool spots should be examined by a doctor every 4-6 months based on the seriousness of the symptoms. If more serious symptoms such as intraretinal microvascular abnormalities and venous bleeding occur, more frequent eye examinations is required, i.e., every 3-4 months. Macular edema can occur along with retinopathy, which also needs immediate treatment.

  1. Diabetic Neuropathy

The symptoms of diabetic neuropathy are pain, burning sensation, tingling, and numbness in your feet. If you Top Weight Loss Center Phoenixfeel the above mentioned symptoms, then you should visit the doctor on a regular basis. The patient should check the feet on a daily basis for calluses, cracks, skin blemishes, and redness as these symptoms also need immediate attention.

  1. Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy or kidney problems can be diagnosed by performing urine tests. It is important to check and control hypertension to slow down the kidney problems. In adults, the blood pressure has to be maintained at a level below 130/80. If the diabetic patient is experiencing swollen leg or foot, then it may be the symptom of diabetic nephropathy and one should consult a doctor promptly.

  1. Diabetic Coma

There are three types of diabetic coma such as ketoacidosis coma, hypoglycemic coma and hyperosmolar coma. Ketoacidosis coma is mainly associated with type 1 diabetes, but occasionally occurs in type 2 diabetic patients also. Symptoms of ketoacidosis are lethargy, nausea, extreme thirst, frequent urination, vomiting, progressive drowsiness, rapid breathing, abdominal pain, and acetone or fruity smell in breath.

Hyperosmolar coma is caused by the high level of blood glucose and severe dehydration, and this type of coma is mainly seen in type 2 diabetes patients. The symptoms of hypoglycemic coma include tremor, sweating, weakness, heart palpitations, intense hunger, drowsiness, confusion, and altered behavior. A diabetic coma needs immediate medical attention as quick diagnosis will save the life of the person.

One of the most common reasons people end up with Type 2 Diabetes is being obese. It is possible to mitigate some of the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes by losing weight.

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Effective Ways to Get Fantastic Results while Losing Weight in Arizona

Losing weight is extremely problematic for a lot of people. Most of them normally start with a crash diet that quickly drains their body of energy, leaving them starved, lifeless and dull. This practice deprives their body of all its nutrients and can result in severe health disorders. Yes, it does make you lose weight but it does more harm than good to your body.

On the other hand, losing weight slowly using effective and helpful weight loss programs, such as the Medifast weight loss program, is a much better way to shed the extra pounds. There are some fantastic ways that can aid in getting great results while battling with weight issues.canstockphoto1869885(1)

Calorie Intake Should be less than Calorie Expenditure

When you are on a weight loss regime, you should always remember to use up more calories than the amount you intake. Calorie intake refers to the number of calories you take in your body via different foods, and calorie expenditure refers to the number of calories you burn while participating in different activities.

Try not to consume more calories than the amount you can utilize. If you know you can’t exercise too much, try to limit your calorie intake. One of the biggest troubles that most people face with this practice is keeping track of the number of calories they consume. It is difficult to find out the exact number of calories in all the foods you consume as the portions of different foods tend to vary from time to time. However, the Medifast weight loss program is the perfect solution to this issue. The meals provided in this program have the right amount of calories required by your body and this amount has been calculated beforehand, thus saving you a lot of time and effort.

All you need to do now is take part in energetic sports and exercises that will burn all your extra calories and unwanted body fat. Nevertheless, remember not to overdo it; always avoid exhausting yourself too much, especially when you have just begun your new diet.

Keep Your Tummy Happy

Phoenix weight loss centerWhile you are on your mission to lose weight, remember to never starve yourself and always keep your tummy happy. Most people make the mistake of not eating food for seven or eight hours in a row, wrongly assuming that this exercise would facilitate in shedding weight quickly. However, this is an entirely unhealthy approach to losing weight. Medifast solves this problem by allowing clients to eat every 2-3 hours and still maintain effectiveness!

You need to eat healthy foods in small portions about every two or three hours, so that you don’t feel empty or ravenous. The more you starve yourself, the more famished you’ll feel and the sooner you’ll quit your weight loss regime. On the other hand, when you feed yourself after small intervals, your stomach never becomes empty and you don’t get the feeling that you’re punishing yourself.

Medifast weight loss program is perfect for you as the meals in this program are nutritious and provide your body with the right amount of calories that it needs, making you feel well-fed for longer and helping you to burn calories slowly yet steadily.

Arizona Medifast Weight Control Centers is offering complimentary consultations so that you can find out how the program can work for you. Call (602) 996-9669 today!


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