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Which Countries are the most Overweight?

Obesity is turning in to an extreme concern for governments because overweight people run the risk of developing chronic and life threatening diseases. The following are some of the countries who have been the hardeWeight Loss Gilbert AZst hit by this epidemic and have the most number of obese people among their population.


Mexico is the leader among countries that are considered to have the highest number of obese people. Poverty is by far the most important reason for obesity in Mexico. Because people do not have enough money to buy healthy foods which are quite expensive, they are left with no other option but to go for cheap foods that are mostly high in sugar and fat content.

United States

The US occupies the second spot among the fattest nations in the world. With around 65 percent of its population in the overweight category, obesity has become a big concern for the most powerful country in the world. The consistent rise in the consumption of fast foods and processed foods is among the reasons why Americans are finding it hard to control their weight.

New Zealand

Even though New Zealand is a small nation, it also has a considerable number of obese people. With the Kiwis consuming more cheese and dairy products than people anywhere else in the world, it is only logical that they often become obese as they age.

Besides adults, children too are being affected with weight issues, which is the biggest concern of the government. As in the United States, the government is working on providing health solutions to the population to reduce the incidence of obesity.Scottsdale Weight Loss Center


Australia is right behind New Zealand in terms of having the most obese people in its population. Presently, approximately 24 percent of Australians fall in the overweight category. The concern is that this rate has almost doubled in a relatively short period of time. The sedentary lifestyle that the people of the country have adopted is considered by experts as the main reason for the growing rate of obesity.

While it’s great to be top 5 in certain categories such as wealth, GDP and technology, being tops in obesity is not an admirable achievement. There are numerous reasons countries top the list, and the most common reason is that processed foods and fast foods are readily available, tasty and inexpensive.


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