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Why You Should Lose Weight at a Slow Pace

You have probably heard it thousands of times: slow paced weight loss is much better than losing weight overnight. Yet, many people are constantly looking for a quick fix, so they can fit in clothes significantly smaller within just a few days. However, whenever someone drastically loses a lot of weight, the lost weight typically comes back with a vengeance.

On the other hand, slow paced weight loss can fight off the extra pounds with much more efficiency. Here is why losing weight at a Chandler Weight Loss Clinic in this manner is much healthier.

A few pounds at a time

Losing weight consistently and steadily is closely related to setting realistic goals. Too many times, people want to lose a lot of weight rapidly. Then they gain back the pounds they shed with the fad program and it discourages them. Then they just go back to their unhealthy eating habits.

Losing weight at a slow pace can help you in the long run.  The Medifast weight loss clinic in Phoenix offers a program with typical weight loss of two to five pounds per week for the first two weeks and then 1-2 pound per week thereafter. This steady weight loss adds up considerably over Weight Loss chandlertime, while being safe and typically long lasting.  In four months, you can shed up to 50 pounds or more, and in a year you can shed up to 100 lbs!

Building confidence and good habits

It takes discipline to form new habits, but the habits acquired while abiding to slow paced weight loss build confidence in the long run. Your metabolism starts to burn more fat, and you will also create healthy eating habits, which are benefits you hopefully will stick with you even when you transition off the program.

Minimal Hunger

When you set realistic weight loss goals, such as losing one to two pounds per week, your ability with Medifast to avoid hunger becomes reality. You will eat six times daily, and you will not be thinking all day bout food.

You maintain your muscle mass

Medifast ScottsdaleYo-yo weight loss programs take their toll on your health, and they typically lead to muscle loss as well. When you lose weight in a slow paced fashion with considerable protein intake, your muscles will be maintained in good condition and your body will look leaner and slimmer.


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