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Why You Should Lose Weight before Your Total Hip Replacement

When undergoing total hip replacement surgery, you expose yourself to a risk, regardless of your weight. However, if you are overweight, or even worse, obese, you may experience even more increased risks. As research shows, obese people are highly recommended to lose weight prior to total hip replacement surgery to avoid post op complications.

Orthopedic doctors advise their patients to decrease their body mass index prior to surgery. This way they are typically less exposed to complications, infections or the need for revision surgery.

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Being obese makes hip replacement recovery more difficult.

It’s in the numbers

It is known that surgery of any type comes with its fair share of complications. For instance, according to the studies carried on so far, people that go through total hip replacement surgery and have a body mass index of over 30 are three times more likely to develop an infection after the intervention.

Also, obese people are 1.5 times more likely to suffer from loosening of the new hip, and two times more likely to experience thromboembolism, which is the appearance of a blood clot in your veins.

Research also shows that the higher the BMI is, the more likely is for the patient to experience such side effects and complications.

Better recovery

Another reason why orthopedic doctors recommend patients in need of total hip replacement to lose weight is that their recovery is made easier. Having less weight to move around during the physical therapy will mean an easier ability to participate.

For obese people, it is important to lose weight for many other reasons. For instance, they can decrease the chance for developing diabetes or cancer, and, of course, they will have healthier joints. Before scheduling your total hip replacement surgery, check your body mass index.

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