Testimonial for Successful Weight Loss in Scottsdale

Sue Babb BA 45# Front (1)

I want to thank you and all the Scottsdale counselors for helping me lose 43 lbs. and maintain the loss for over one year. I completed the Medifast program two weeks ago.  When I first met the Scottsdale Medifast counselor I explained that I had tried every weight loss program under the sun and nothing had worked for me.

I didn’t enjoy shopping and I didn’t look good in anything I wore. My self-esteem was at an all-time low.

Prior to my visit to Medifast my Doctor suggested I try the Medifast program. My health was okay, but I was overweight and did not feel good about myself and found it difficult to get out and exercise. I listened to Mike Broomhead tell his success story of losing weight and keeping it off for over 6 years.

I looked around at all my friends and family and saw that many had heart or back issues and other health problems that were impacted by excess weight – I thought it was time to tackle my weight problem.

Your counselors listened to my story and explained what they felt were the main differences between Medifast and other programs: they assured me that they would help me through the process and were confident I would see the results I wanted.   I signed up and the rest is history.

The counselors all were concerned about my success and offered many many useful suggestions to help me lose the weight. They were VERY encouraging and knowledgeable.

Once I reached my goal we celebrated the occasion with a blue ribbon indicating how many inches I had lost – Yippee – 72 inches — Holy cow!!! .  

They coached me for the next year and taught me how to make GOOD food choices.   They helped me get back on track when I didn’t lose weight or a couple times when I actually gained weight. The maintenance part of the Medifast program is the most crucial part because it teaches you how to make healthy food choices and reinforces portion control and menu planning.

Even though I have graduated, I still plan on showing up every Saturday to weigh in and of course see all the ladies who have become friends.

I also want to personally thank you for the opportunities you extended to me –the Channel 3 TV show, was a blast and really improved my confidence. Broomhead’s show was fun as well – I was afraid of getting so close to the microphone – guess I will have to keep my day job.

Thank you thank you,

Sue B.

Sue Babb BA 45# Side (1)



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