The Association between Obesity and Depression

Obesity has become a true epidemic in America, and studies have shown that almost 70 percent of the population is overweight, and of that percentage, 60 percent is considered to be obese. Obesity not only takes a toll on your physical health, by putting you at risk for many different diseases, but it also puts you at risk for developing a condition called depression.Weight Loss Phoenix

The Depression-Obesity Connection

Depression is considered to be a state of mind where symptoms of apathy, sadness, and continued crying may be present. In certain cases, anxiety is involved, and this condition takes a real toll on a person’s well-being and their level of confidence. Studies done on the topic have shown that people who are obese are more likely to become depressed, while those who are depressed are more likely to become obese. This makes the condition a losing battle for those who are dealing with the weight and mental health issue.

Study Shows that Obese People have More Depression

According to a study that was done on those who are already obese and develop depression, participants developed the sad mood because they were unsatisfied about the way that they look. They find their appearance to be less than desirable, and it makes them feel sad, which reduces the feel-good chemicals in the brain that are designed to keep away the symptoms of depression.

When the individual is having a difficult time losing the weight, they are going to become even more depressed. They feel hopeless and have a hard time making the lifestyle changes necessary to get themselves out of the depressed state and feeling good once again.

The Medifast program was designed to be easy to adhere to so that losing weight steadily is routine. What is excellent and often seen, is that mood elevates as a  person’s appearance changes.

Lose Weight PhoenixResearchers Say that Depressed People Eat More

For people who have depression, the findings showed that they are more likely to become obese because of the chemical changes within their body. Their body releases certain chemicals when eating, that makes them feel good. Due to the fact that this activity makes the mood improve, the depressed person continues to eat more and more, which causes them to gain an excessive amount of weight.

In addition to overeating, those who suffer with depression are less likely to take care of themselves, which means they do not exercise or take part in a healthy lifestyle. This and other factors contribute to obesity.

Experts Recommend Healthy Lifestyle for Obesity and Depression

According to researchers, there are changes that can be made by both classes of people, which can help them lose weight and improve depression. For someone who is currently dealing with depression, they need to get on a medication that can help control their depressive symptoms. While finding the right medication for the depression, the doctor should work with the patient to choose a medication that is not known for causing additional weight gain, as this can add to the problem, rather than help eliminate it.

Since 1980, the Medifast brand has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors as it is safe, fast and backed by research at leading clinical institutions such as Johns Hopkins University.

Final Thoughts

Experts also believe that it’s important that the treatment for both depression and obesity is implemented together to avoid one issue causing the Best Weight Loss Phoenixother, which will cause problems with both physical and mental health. By treating both issues with healthy lifestyle changes, these conditions can be eliminated, and good health overall can be achieved with the right balance.



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