The Association between Obesity and Pain

Many people who are overweight complain that the excess weight they carry on their body causes them to experience a lot of pain. The worse part of this problem is that the pain they experience makes it difficult to lose weight because taking part in normal, everyday activities can be uncomfortable. While a doctor will often suggest that the patient exercise and participate in Lose weight Scottsdalephysical activities to lose the weight, the person may have difficulty doing so, and in fact may gain weight due to lack of physical exercise.

Reasons for Pain from Excessive Weight

There are a few different reasons why someone would experience pain due to their excess weight, according to recent studies which compared obese people experiencing pain with those who have a normal weight range. These reasons include:

  • Pressure from Fat – One reason why a person would experience pain due to their excess weight is because of the fat itself. This fat causes a lot of pressure to occur in different areas of the body. This pressure leads to inflammation, which causes pain to radiate through various parts of the body. The inflammation within the body can produce pressure on several nerves, which can lead to nerve pain through the body.
  • Body Structure Stress – Another reason why pain is associated with those who have excess weight is because of the fact that their body is carrying around more than it can handle. One common problem area that has a lot of pain is the knees, and this pain can become so intense that a complete knee replacement is required. However, because the excess weight is still present, healing from surgeries that are designed to help eliminate the pain can be very difficult, and the pain can still persist even after the procedure. Other areas of the body that tend to suffer due to the excess weight are the back and the feet. These structures become damaged over time, which can be irreversible without losing the weight before the problems get out of control.
  • Lack of Movement – People who are obese tend to move around less, and some who are very overweight may not take part in any type of physical activity at all. This means that different areas of the body are not getting the movement that Weight Loss Phoenix AZthey need in order to stay healthy and free from problems. Overtime, the lack of movement can cause problems such as stiff joints and muscles. When the person does small activities, even something as simple as walking up the stairs, they can end up having a pulled muscle or even issues occur with their bones.

Final Thoughts

Treating the pain that is associated with obesity can be difficult, and some people may resort to pain medication as a way of getting rid of it. The problem with this method is that some of these drugs have negative effects on the person, which causes them to become tired and experience lack of motivation over time.

However, some researchers do believe that pain management should be used as a method of helping the person to complete more activities that will help them shed the extra weight. Without losing the weight, the problem is only going to get worse, and some people have even become bed ridden because of the pain that their obesity has caused them to experience.

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