The Association Between Weight Loss and Energy

Feeling tired throughout the day? Does it ever feel like, no matter how much sleep you get, you still don’t have the energy to do what you want to do? If so, the answer might not be reaching for another cup of coffee—you may want to consider whittling your waistline for more energy. As an added perk, weight loss might also give you more energy in the bedroom.

How Will Weight Loss Increase My Energy?

Losing weight can help boost energy in a variety of ways. Diet and exercise, the two key ingredients to weight loss, are both Weight Loss Clinic Phoenixgreat energy boosters—so while your Medifast program and exercise regimen is helping you reach your Phoenix weight loss center goals, it’s likely also giving you more energy to get through your day.

Weight loss through the Medifast program helps increase your energy because, by making healthy food choices, you can opt for foods that sustain your energy. For example, reaching for a candy bar isn’t only bad for your waistline, but it also can cause a sugar “high” followed quickly by a “crash” in energy. On the other hand, more diet-friendly foods packed with protein and complex carbohydrates will help you lose weight and give you sustained energy.

Exercise is also a strong energy booster. Fitting regular exercise into your daily regimen will help you lose weight and provide extra energy because it boosts strength and endurance. Exercise also helps oxygen and nutrients reach your cells and tissues and helps with strengthening your cardiovascular system. This gives your heart and lungs an extra boost, which helps you keep your energy levels high.

How Will Weight Loss Increase My Sex Drive?

If you’ve been looking for motivation to hit the gym, here’s the sexiest reason yet: losing weight can help increase your libido. Excess body weight can put a serious damper on sex drive. In fact, up to 30 percent of obese people who seek treatment for their weight, report problems with sexual desire and activity.

Excess body weight impacts libido on both physical and psychological levels. First, some health complications that are related to obesity lead to a decrease in blood flow, which is essential for sexual arousal in both men and women. Also, the more body Weight Loss Phoenix AZfat a person has, the higher their level of a chemical called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This hormone binds to testosterone, and when it does, there is less testosterone to stimulate sexual desire.

Not to mention, excess body weight can impact a person’s self-esteem. Let’s face it, it’s hard to feel aroused when you don’t feel sexy. Carrying extra pounds can make it difficult to mentally enjoy sex—which can kill our ability to physically enjoy it.

Now, onto the good news: even a small amount of weight loss can cause a significant increase in libido. Losing just 10 pounds can significantly increase your libido. A 2012 study found that when men incorporated better food choices and 2.5 hours of exercise into their weekly routines, they experienced a 15 percent increase in testosterone and a 46 percent decrease in hypogonadism, a condition that causes low testosterone and decreased arousal.

Weight Loss Center ScottsdaleCommit to making steps toward your weight loss goals, and you very well may experience a much needed energy boost—inside and outside the bedroom.



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