The Benefits of Losing Weight before a Total Knee Replacement

When you have constant pain in your knees, or other issues that cause you to need a total knee replacement, there are certain steps that you can take to help make the process easier. Along with lessening the amount of pain that you have befWeight Loss Clinic Scottsdale AZore and during the surgery, you can assure a faster recovery with losing weight before the procedure.

Having a total knee replacement surgery can take a real toll on your body and your well-being. By taking the steps to lose weight before the surgery, you can achieve optimal results and many other benefits that come with losing weight. By learning more about the benefits that come with losing weight before a total knee replacement and healthy dieting ideas, you will be able to see why this process is an important one to take before your surgery.

Obesity Contributes to Knee Problems

There really are not too many steps you can take to help prevent the need for knee replacement, but there are certain attributing factors which cause this issue to appear. One of the biggest issues seen is obesity.

Obesity causes a lot of pressure to be on your knees at all times, which wears away at both the bones and cartilage. After this pressure occurs for a long period of time, simple activities that were once easy can become difficult.

Walking up the stairs may be hard to complete, and sometimes simply standing up can cause a great deal of pain that is unbearable. When you continue to have this excess weight, eventually your knees are going to give out altogether. You doctor may suggest that you have a total knee replacement, but you have to think about what will happen if you get the replacement, but don’t lose any of the weight.

With the excessive weight still present after a knee replacement, it’s going to be very difficult for your body to heal. Your body could take months, if not years, to completely heal from the surgery, opposed to someone who is at their average weight.

Why Diet and Exercise is Important

While it can be difficult to lose weight before a knee replacement, due to the pain that you experience during different activities, there are steps you can take to help speed up the process of shedding those extra pounds before the surgery occurs. Medifast Weight Loss Clinic PhoenixWeight Control Centers offers an excellent program for weight loss that is safe, fast and backed by research at leading institutions such as Johns Hopkins.

If you are able to exercise, you want to begin this process as soon as possible before your surgery. One great exercise for those who do have pain in their knees is swimming. The water makes you feel light, so you’re able to move around and burn off the fat without putting pressure on your knee. This works all of the muscles in your body, and just a half hour each day along with new eating habits can make a huge difference.


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