The Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most talked about subjects in books, TV, and now, on the internet. While some of this information can be beneficial for people who want to learn how to reach their goal weight, other material can be dangerous. With all of this information, it is often difficult to know what is true and what is false. Understanding if the weight loss tips you’re reading are healthy for your body can be quite confusing. Here are some things you should know about losing weight the right way.

When trying to shed those extra pounds, it is often difficult to stay away from those diets that promise to help you lose ten pounds in five days. You see, the Weight Loss Scottsdale AZtruth is that those diets are setting you up to fail. Those diets are designed to help you lose your body’s water weight. However, that won’t create the long-lasting weight loss that you’re looking for.

Set a Realistic Goal

In order to lose weight in a healthy manner, you first need to set a realistic weight and time goal for yourself. The average amount of weight that is healthy for the human body to lose per week is one to two pounds. This means that the human body can only safely lose about eight pounds per week. Setting a goal of losing twenty pounds in two weeks will not work and result in frustration.

The healthy way to do this is to find out how much weight you want to lose, and then figure out how many weeks or months it should take, according to a projected weight loss of one to two pounds per week. By doing this, you will not only be working with your body to lose weight, instead of against it, you’ll also have a better chance of maintaining your goal weight once you reach it.


Weight Loss Goal Amount of Time
10 pounds 5 to 10 weeks
15 pounds 7.5 to 15 weeks
20 pounds 10 to 20 weeks


Two of the most important aspects of losing weight in a healthy manner are calorie intake and physical activity. Many people will try to starve themselves in an attempt to lose weight quickly. However, this has a negative effect on your body, and causes your metabolism to slow down to almost a complete stop. This is because your body believes that you are starving because you have no food source.

Weight Loss Chandler AZ     Keep the Metabolism Going

To avoid metabolism dysfunction, you should consume at least four to five small meals per day, with light snacks of veggies and fruit to help you from snacking on junk food. Combining this dietary approach with moderate exercise a few times per week will definitely help to shed those pounds.

By creating a routine of feeding your body healthy food that is rich in protein, fiber, and vitamins, you are giving your body what it needs in order to function each day. Then by increasing or maintaining your level of physical activity, you are assisting the body to rid itself of the unwanted fat that you no longer need. These two habits together will create a healthy weight loss method.

The Muscle Factor

One of the most important things to remember when trying to lose weight in a healthy manner is that you will not see result right away. However, that does not mean your new lifestyle changes are not working and helping your body. It can be discoursing after a week or two of eating healthy and exercising to not see any substantial changes in your body, but that does not mean small changes haven’t occurred.

Just because the number on the scale has not changed does not mean your body has not toned and improved. Remember, when exercising, the body will increase muscle mass, which often weighs more than fat. You will actually look slimmer but the scale will not reflect that change. Instead of a scale, use a tape measure and go by how your clothes fit.


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