The Ingredients of a Great Weight Loss Program

Eating less and exercising more does not work wonders for everyone. When the body accumulates weight, there are biological mechanisms at work. When people diet, the body goes into starvation mode, triggering several biological mechanisms that make them gain the weight back. For instance, the body burns calories more slowly to conserve fat when it thinks it is starving.

In such people, a safer treatment that overcomes this problem is required and the answer is a weight loss plan that gives enough to eat, is high on nutrition, and has a maintenance component that kicks in once the target weight has been achieved, is medically safe and designed individually. Fulfilling all those conditions may seem a tall order but programs such as Medifast weight loss program tick all boxes.

Enough Food and Nutrition

The Medifast plan offers six meals each day with a variety of options and fortified with proteins, vegetables, as well as fat. This ensures that you do not starve and get enough to eat. The meals are packed with nutrition.

Maintenance Component

The Medifast weight loss program has a maintenance part that helps you transition from Medifast to normal meals once you have achieved the target weight. This ensures that you stay off the extra pounds you have lost.

Medically Safe

The Medifast plan was designed by a doctor in 1980 and more than 20,000 doctors have recommended it ever since to their patients to lose weight.


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