The Link Between Obesity and Increased Pain

Obesity leads to a wide array of health problems, and it is nothing unusual for obese people to have increased risk of developing certain conditions. What  is less known is the fact that there is a significant link between obesity and increased pain. According to medical studies and research, even obese people that are healthy are affected by pain, and this finding is a serious alarm trigger that may necessitate weight loss for pain relief.Loose Weight Phoenix

Sickness and pain

It is known that obesity is a major cause for chronic joint pains, several types of cancers, diabetes and so on. As a result, pain occurs because of the conditions developed. Still, the connection between obesity and pain seems to be going deeper than that.

There have been multiple studies looking at the link between obesity and pain. One recent one out of Norway associated obesity with back pain. The researchers were actually able to show that the obesity led to the back pain, and not the other way around. The study looked at over 25,000 participants.

While it was known for a while that obesity could easily be related to pain, there was a very large study conducted over the duration of 2 years, between 2008 and 2010, on over one million Americans, that showed the relation in a very clear light. From all the people that answered the questions of the survey, 38% were overweight, while 25% were obese.

The findings in relation to pain showed that overweight people were 20% more likely to experience pain than those with normal weight. The obese group was split between three groups, based on their body mass index. Here, the findings were also very self explanatory; the first group showed 68% increase in experience pain compared to normal weight people, the second, 136% increase, and the third (with the highest body mass index), a staggering 254% increase.

What do the numbers mean?

A simple look at the above figures shows a simple fact. The more obese a person is, the more likely he or she is to experience pain. What is even more interesting, not only joint pains are related to obesity, but also other types of pains. The good news is it appears that most of the time, the extra weight comes first, so dropping lbs at a weight loss clinic in Phoenix or Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale or Gilbert with Medifast Weight Control Centers may alleviate pain.

Researchers say that the excess fat in the body is likely to trigger very complex physiological processes, with a role in inflammation, and, through association, pain. Overweight or obese people may benefit their health tremendously with weight loss including a reduced level of baseline pain.Medifast Reviews



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