The Role of Protein in a Nutrition Plan

by Arizona Medifast

Protein is the single most important calorie to consume during the nutrition plan of a workout program. Protein influences the metabolic rate of the body, directly affecting the amount of weight that can be lost from exercise. Quality protein will also help the body retain muscle mass while burning fat cells away. The Medifast program contains nearly 40% protein, and is perfect for acquiring the daily required proteins.Weight Loss Clinics Phoenix

Protein is also crucial in the building of HDL Cholesterol, a functional enhancement of leptin and insulin, an antioxidant, and crucial to the formation of muscle tissue. Each of these factors is important in the over-all goal of weight loss, and each can be positively affected by a having a protein-rich workout plan. Since the body does not store protein on its own, it is crucial that protein be eaten as a regular part of daily nutrition.

How much Protein should be consumed?

The amount of protein that should be eaten daily in a protein-rich workout plan is approximately three-fourths of the target body weight in grams, with a maximum of three-fourths of current weight. So for an individual weighing 200lbs with a target weight of 160lbs, the amount of protein eaten should range between 120 to 150 grams per day. Each gram of protein equates to four calories, placing this amount of protein at 480 to 600 daily calories, or near 30% of the daily caloric intake.

Why is Protein so Important?

The role of quality protein in a weight loss program cannot be stressed enough. It is directly responsible for weight loss as protein provides the energy needed for your metabolism to burn stored fat. Despite this, protein must be balanced with carbs and other nutrients to ensure that muscle mass is retained while weight is lost.

The consumption of protein is also the only manner in which a number of important amino acids can be obtained. There are eight amino acids which the body does not produce, and that are only obtainable through one’s diet. These amino acids each play a separate role in weight loss, and together can greatly help burn off weight. If these amino acids are not acquired, the effects of the weight loss program can be diminished greatly.

What Can Protein do for Weight Loss?

If protein is not present, the body will turn to other tissues for energy and undermine the progress being made with Medifast Phoenixexercise. Ensuring protein is a daily presence can help to curb appetite and assist greatly in the loss of weight when coupled with a workout plan. To burn fat, the body firsts uses carbs as energy, followed by protein, and then fat storage.

If carbs or proteins are missing from this process, the body will begin to break down muscle to replace the missing protein, converting it to carbs in order to create the fat-burning energy. Having an adequate amount of carbs and protein in daily nutrition will ensure the body is burning fat while retaining lean muscle.

The Medifast weight loss program takes care of all the nutritional calculations for clients. There are 5 Medifast Weight Control Centers in Arizona including Glendale, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale and a Phoenix weight loss clinic.

Currently, each Medifast Center is offering a complimentary consultation and Body Composition Analysis. The Certified Weight Loss Specialists at each Center provide one-on-one counseling sessions, guidance, tips and motivation. Over 20,000 doctors have recommended the Medifast brand since 1980, and with good reason.


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