The Secret Behind Medifast’s Success

With thousands of doctors recommending the Medifast brand, almost 30 years of existence, and plenty of satisfied clients to vouch for its success, Medifast is one of the best solutions for weight loss that has been designed until now. The main secret of Medifast’s success in helping people lose weight is, according to specialists, not only the drastic reduction of calories, but also that it helps effectively manage clients from not being hungry. Here is the Medifast program explained.

Lose Weight PhoenixThe high fullness index

Weight loss programs come with a certain fullness index, which means that a calculation based on the protein, carbs and calories is made to establish for how long and how well the meals provided  by the weight loss plan make you feel full, without hunger knocking on your door.

The Medifast weight loss plan has a very high fullness index, and it consists of eating a meal rich in protein once every few hours, which means that it helps maintain muscle mass, curb hunger and also regulates blood sugar levels.

Slow paced, efficient results

Medifast does not make false promises. It is important to keep in mind that Medifast provides clients with slow paced, but efficient results. The program typically begins with 2 to 5 pound weight loss each week for the first two weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter. It helps clients modify their metabolism, getting the body to a fat burning stage, where the stored fat is starting to be used by the body as fuel.

After the weight loss is attained, clients need to go through a transition phase, during which they can introduce back in their life some of the foods that were removed initially, such as starchy vegetables and carbs. Having the counselor support during the program is vital, as receiving encouragement, support and advice is amazingly helpful for achieving results.

What is hunger management?

Probably the most difficult thing to do when following a weight loss Phoenix program is to manage hunger. Many people complain that they cannot stay too long on a program, because they feel too hungry to comply with the restrictions imposed. However, with Medifast, hunger management is one of the best things about the program.

First of all, it is recommended to eat numerous, small meals throughout the day, which gives the stomach plenty of activity, so it does not feel the cravings. Also, because the meals are high in protein they help you feel full and you will not feel hungry right away. Think about it, it’s not so easy to eat six times a day! But that’s what the Weight Loss PhoenixMedifast program is all about, lots of means throughout the day.



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