Three Reasons to Celebrate Hitting a Weight Loss Plateau


Your decision to head to the gym versus raid the kitchen pantry these past couple of months has been rewarded with the sight of steadily decreasing numbers on the scale each week.  So like any other, this week you arrive for your Medifast appointment feeling confident, happy, and with your head held high. 

As you enthusiastically hop on the scale, your jaw drops and your mood sinks. Your weight hasn’t budged an ounce since last week!  Your Certified Medifast Weight Loss Specialist, who has been supporting you throughout, smiles and says, “it looks like we may have hit a plateau this week”. 

You think to yourself, “how could this be when I’ve followed my food and exercise program to the letter?”.  Well, hold that thought for a moment and keep your chin up, because there’s actually good reason to celebrate when you hit a weight loss plateau.


  1. You’re no longer an amateur. When you begin losing weight, your body is going from one extreme to the other in terms of food intake and exercise level. Of course the dramatic change in your habits is going to have an equally dramatic affect on your weight loss.  However, when your body becomes more acclimated to your new, healthy lifestyle it’s not going to respond as quickly. This is a good thing!  This means that you’re no longer a beginner and that you’ve made major strides in developing a healthy new way of living.


  1. Progress doesn’t always show up on the scale. Because you’ve been eating leaner foods and and increasing your exercise, you’re likely increasing the ratio of muscle to fat in your body. Since muscle weighs more than fat, it’s perfectly logical that your weight would plateau or even slightly increase. When this happens, focus more on how you feel and how your clothes are fitting. The plateau you’re experiencing is likely great evidence that you’re evolving into a new, more fit version of yourself.


  1. You’re in better shape now. As you get in the routine of making healthy food choices and exercising, your body becomes more fit.  The same exercise you did a month ago, may not burn the same amount of calories it did before because the number of calories you burn doing the exact same amount of exercise decreases in proportion to your decreasing body weight.  Therefore, the same 30 minutes of cardio that used to burn 300 calories when you were 20 pounds heavier, may now only burn 250.  This change is a clear demonstration of how much progress you’ve made!


When you hit a weight loss plateau, don’t feel defeated, but rather victorious. This is a great sign that you are that much closer to reaching your weight loss goal!  The compassionate experts at Medifast Weight Control Centers can help you get past this and other hurdles that you may encounter on your weight loss journey. You don’t have to do this alone. 


Call Medifast Weight Control Centers today for your complimentary consultation and let us help you achieve and celebrate your weight loss success!


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