Understand your Metabolism before you start to Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight, many people believe that skipping meals will give them their desired weight. They often become frustrated when this does not prove to be true, and often give up on their weight loss goal. Skipping meals and other weight loss strategies that limit a vast amount of calories in a short amount of time do not work due to the complex and important process of our metabolism. Here are some things you need to understand about your body’s metabolism in order to start losing weight in the proper and healthy way.Gilbert weight loss clinic

Two Components of Metabolism

The body’s metabolism is a complex process that allows the human body to break down anything you eat or drink and turn it into energy, which your body uses throughout the day. Our metabolism contains two components: catabolism and anabolism. These two processes feed off each other and are a continuous never-ending cycle. Anabolism is the process of the body creating and storing energy from the food we consume, and catabolism is when the energy that was made during anabolism is released and used by the body.

You Got to Exercise

One of the most important things to understand about metabolism is that you can’t change it. If you have a rather slow metabolism, you cannot alter it permanently into a faster one. However, there are many things that you can do to influence your metabolism and increase the productively. Exercise is one of the most important facts that can influence your metabolism.

Not only will daily physical actively help you to lose weight, it will help to increase your metabolic rate, as well. Specifically, aerobic exercises and weight training has been shown to generally increase a bodies metabolic rate. Weight training boosts the metabolism due to the fact that one pound of muscle, typically burn about 15 calories a day. There has been multiple studies published that support that regular weekly exercise influences your body’s metabolic rate in a positive way, and it even help you to lose weight.

Sleep affects Metabolism

Another factor shown to generally increase your metabolic rate is getting a good amount of sleep each night. Having a regular sleep schedule has been shown to not increase your metabolism, but also improve your health and mental state. Not sleeping enough each night creates something known as a sleep debt, which has the high potential to negatively affect your endocrine system.

Scottsdale weight loss centerThese negative effects include reducing your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels and store potential energy. Also, things that negatively affect your endocrine system negatively affect your metabolism. This is why it is recommended to get seven or eight hours of sleep a night in order to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Calories and Metabolism

One last thing to remember about your metabolism when concerning weight loss is that no matter if you have a fast or slow metabolism, your calorie intake will always be of more significance. While having a fast metabolism might make losing weight easier, making lifestyle changes will help you to not only lose weight, but also improve your quality of life and your health. For this reason, it is recommended to watch your calorie intake, eat food high in protein and fiber, and consume moderate portion sizes.

This will help you to lose the weight you want, and in a faster and more efficient manner than just relying on a fast metabolism. Healthy eating habits will also ensure that once you are able to lose the weight, you will be able to keep it off through diet and lifestyle changes.



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