Ways to Kick Start a Diet – from Medifast AZ

When you decide you need to lose weight in the Valley, you might want to kick start your diet with a bang.  When you see results fast, you will be motivated to keep going and learn about new changes you can make to get healthy down the road.  Here are a few ways to help you kick start your diet plan so that you can make a difference in your health that will also aid your weight loss with Medifast Weight Control Centers.Weight Loss Center Phoenix

1. Exercise Ambitiously
If you want to rev your metabolism up to new levels, exercise on an ambitious level.  Eventually, you may only work out three days a week for an hour a day, but at first, you might want to work out five or even six days a week to get your body used to the new motions and to ramp your metabolism up enough that you can burn more fat quickly.  Try a variety of different exercises until you find what you like and attempt to keep some variety once you settle into a routine so your body does not get bored.

2. Keep a Food Diary
If you really want to see how much you eat in one day, write everything down for a week.  This can help you kick start your diet because you will be able to see where you can make cuts and where you might need to add meals or certain items.  You certainly do not want to starve yourself, but instead of having your normal afternoon snack, you might find that you can substitute in a veggie in order to cut calories.  It is also a good idea to overestimate the amount of calories you take in when you keep your diary.  Most of the time, things are worth more than you think they are and you do not want to eat too many calories because you have underestimated yourself. In reality, with Medifast’s program, there are no calories to strictly count. The Medifast Phoenix program does it for you while providing nutritious, filling options.

3. Sleep
If you generally sleep less than 8 hours a night, do your best to get more sleep.  Sleep lowers the leptin hormone, which can increase your need to eat and decrease your metabolism.  If you want to lose weight effectively and on a long term basis, get more sleep and you will be well on your way.  Getting enough sleep will also work wonders on your stress level, which can also affect what you eat and how fast you burn calories.Weight Loss Clinic in Scottsdale

4. Limit Temptations
If you have a hard time resisting treats when they are available, limit the times that they are available to you.  Stock your cabinets with healthy snacks, in fact, the Medifast food options are delicious and incorporate desserts as well.  If you do not have temptations around, you will not be able to give in to those temptations.  Once you get used to your new eating habits, it will be easier to resist the temptations when they are around.


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