Weight Loss Techniques from a Top Phoenix Weight Loss Center

Many doctors and weight loss experts agree that in order to lose weight effectively, you must take it serious, and by following certain weight loss techniques, the weight will come off and stay off. The main thing is to not give up. Here are some tried and true effective weight loss techniques.

Keep a Food Journal

According to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, you should keep a food journal when trying to lose weight.

In one study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, there were 133 participants who were overweight, obese, and post-menopausal.Weight Loss Tips

The study concluded that the women who kept a food journal lost an average of six more pounds than those who didn’t keep an account of the foods that they had eaten. The researchers also found that the women who didn’t skip meals lost an average of eight more pounds than the women who did skip meals. The researchers also found that the women who didn’t skip meals lost an average of eight more pounds than the women who did skip meals. The Medifast program offers 6 meals daily, and all of them should be eaten. This will keep one’s metabolism working steady.

By keeping a journal, you will know exactly what you are eating and how much. This way you can adjust your eating habits to fit your desired weight loss, because by not paying attention to what and how much you are eating, you are more apt to cheat on your diet or just plain forget all the little extras that you added to your food. The journal can be reviewed with your Medifast weight loss specialist during the one-on-one visits to help motivate and keep you from hitting plateaus.

On the flip side of keeping a journal for added weight loss, some doctors feel that even though it can be a good way to keep up with the foods that we eat, it also can take some of the fun out of eating, like the spur of the moment treat. We have to balance our eating habits and even if keeping a journal, we should still have our spontaneous eating spurts but just keep an awareness of what and how much we had so to filter it into the equation.

The great news with the Medifast program is the sheer amount of options available. This includes plenty of dessert options to help satisfy cravings.

Minimize Eating out at Restaurants

There was another interesting finding this group of nutrition researchers discovered. The study proved that those who did not eat out at restaurants for lunch lost an average of five pounds more than those who ate lunch out once a week. This is another reason why eating at home has an advantage over eating out at restaurants.

At home you can weigh and measure your food correctly and over time, it will become second nature doing this. Eating at a restaurant makes it almost impossible to weigh and measure your food. You are never sure exactly what it is made from or how much of an ingredient is in the food.

However, with the Medifast program the lean and green meal can definitely be obtained at restaurants. There is no calorie counting with the program and the meals are not hard to Weight Loss Phoenix AZfollow.

Set Goals for Losing Weight

Many people start out on a  weight loss program with an unrealistic number of pounds to lose in their minds. This can bring on the end before the beginning. There are many instances where people have set big goals and succeeded over time, but for the average person, setting unrealistic goals will cause you to become overwhelmed when the weight isn’t coming off fast enough or easy enough.

So, if you weigh 230 pounds, you will not lose 30 pounds in a week or 100 pounds in six months. You won’t probably lose that amount in a month, and it may take longer than six months to shed 100 pounds. Sometimes, it can take a year or more to lose a considerable amount of weight. Of course, if you are dedicated, and you stick on the program along with exercise, it is possible to meet your goal. It’s usually with a proven weight loss program that you can keep your weight off to stay off. So, realistically, losing up to ten percent of your starting weight would be a healthy goal to start off with.

The Top 5 Techniques to Lose Weight

  • Do not stop eating all the foods that you love. By doing so, you may have already given up on dieting. Treats, every now and then, make it all bearable until you see the weight coming off. With the Medifast program, you will have plenty of choices for treats.
  • Post a picture of yourself when you were slimmer on your refrigerator. This will encourage you to drop the pounds.
  • Some people find that using a scale is intimidating. Experts advise that you use it once a week. Keep it in the kitchen as a reminder that you have to weigh in every week.
  • As you lose weight, it’s a good idea to buy a few items of new clothing. The old clothing items are easy to fit into, so with new clothes, you know you have to keep the weight off to wear them.
  • Exercise, as it is a sure way of keeping your weight down.  As you add distance to walking, running, or swimming, you will see the results. Find an exercise programWeight loss Phoenix AZ that you enjoy doing. Enjoying your exercise makes a world of difference when it comes to losing weight.



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