Weight Loss Tips from Phoenix Medifast

When you have a few pounds of stubborn weight plaguing you, you might feel like you need a little extra boost in order to get to the end of your weight loss goals.  There are a few tips that you may not have yet tried that can really help you see yourself to the end of your weight loss journey and beyond.  Here are a few of those tips from the best weight loss clinics in Phoenix, Medifast Weight CWeight Loss Clinic Phoenixontrol Centers.

-Walk Before Meals
Before you have your lunch or dinner, take a long or even a short walk.  Not only will you burn off some calories that you are about to eat, but you will also have less of an appetite when you sit down to meet.  You will be able to eat a lighter meal and you will feel better about yourself overall.

-Switch Your Milk

Milk is not part of the Medifast Weight Loss Program. However, once maintenance and transition is completed, then it can be drank in moderation.
If you enjoy regular milk, try switching over to 2%.  If you drink 2%, try 1% or even skim milk.  Each step down the milk scale will cut the calories you get from the milk by about 20 percent.  Once you get used to the milk, you will still get the nutrients you need from it, but you will not get as much fat or as many calories.

-Order Smalls
Whenever you are out ordering something, make sure you get the smallest size available.  When you get a large meal, you might actually eat everything in front of you.  You can get around that by simply ordering the smallest version of everything.  Some restaurants even allow you to order from the kids menu.  These portions are often plenty large enough for many adults and they cost less as well.

-Create Active Social Outings
When you and your friends or family members get together, you often do so over a meal.  Instead of settling for dinner out all of the time, plan your own social activities and make them something active.  Ask your Medifast Phoenixfamily to meet at a park and play frisbee instead of going to a movie.  Have your friends meet for a bike ride and a picnic instead of a dinner out.  Find ways to enjoy social activities that do not always include food and sitting around.

With these tips, you can drop those last few pounds without too much extra effort.  You might find that you enjoy the changes enough that you will make them a part of your everyday lifestyle even after you reach your weight loss goals.


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