What Makes Medifast Different from Other Weight Loss Plans

Medifast was founded as a weight loss plan almost 30 years ago, and from that point forward, it has enjoyed increasing popularity among people trying to lose weight. With so many weight loss plans and programs on the market, one would feel hard pressed to say which of them really works without trying them all. With Medifast, this is not the case; the program has already been tried by over a million people and its longevity in the industry speaks to its effectiveness. But Medifast is different from other weight loss plans in other ways than just its success, as you will see Weight Loss Gilbert AZright away.

Medifast is clinically proven

Fad weight loss plans tend to gather a lot of attention and many people try them only to feel disappointed and discouraged later. The reason why these weight loss plans do not work is because they are not tested to see if they can really lead to weight loss results. Medifast is not one of these fads; its results are clinically proven, and studies have been carried out by leading institutions such as Johns Hopkins University.

Medifast is supported by doctors

Medifast the brand has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors all over the US since 1980, and doctors recommend Medifast to their patients that are trying to lose weight in a healthy and efficient manner. Not many weight loss plans can claim the same thing. The fact that people working in the medical field are convinced of Medifast’s results is an important plus for trying this particular weight loss plan.

Arizona Medifast Weight Control Centers has 5 locations around the Valley to serve clients: Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale, Phoenix and a Scottsdale weight loss clinic.

Medifast works even for people with health conditions

A diet has to be more than a method to lose weight; it has to lead to health benefits, as well. It is well known that people suffering from certain conditions, such as diabetes, or gluten allergies, have quite a hard time finding a diet to comply with their needs. Medifast has different plans designed to help those with health conditions lose weight, without putting their health in jeopardy.

Gluten-free products can be found among the Medifast recipes, and vegetarians can also find many meals they can eat without giving up on their vegan principles.

Medifast prevents extreme muscle mass loss

Many weight loss plans based on calorie intake restrictions often lead to muscle mass loss. Medifast is based on a higher consumption of proteins that prevents considerable muscular mass in the long run. There will always be some loss of muscle mass, bWeight Loss Clinic Scottsdaleut the goal is to minimize it.


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