What you should know about Metabolism

Your metabolism is such an important part of your everyday life, especially if you are trying to lose weight. It is the very system within your body that either helps you lose weight or holds you back. Understanding  your metabolism, and how it affects your body, can make a huge difference in your weight loss plan. Here are some important things you should understand about your metabolism.

It is important to first understand that your metabolism is the process of how your body takes everything you consume, and changes it into different Gilbert weight loss cliniccomponents that are essential to your body. These essential components are then turned into energy and used by your body throughout the day. This entire process is controlled by your endocrine system. While it is not possible to completely change your metabolism, it is very possible to help influence it.

Calculate your BMR

Another important thing concerning your metabolism is to understand your individual basal metabolic rate (BMR). A person’s basal metabolic rate is the rate at which their body is able to burn calories throughout the day. To find out your BMR, you simply take your weight and multiply it by 10. Here’s an example:

  • If a person weighs 140 pounds, their BMR is 10 X 140, which is going to be 1,400 kilocalories.
  • This means that a person who weighs 140 pounds is able to burn about 1,400 calories a day.

However, do remember that this a rough estimate, and for true diagnosis on your BMR and on the effectiveness of your metabolism, contact a healthcare professional or a trained nutritionist.

How Does Metabolism affect Weight?

Knowing how your metabolism affects your weight is important to understand. Someone with a high metabolic rate will be able to more efficiently burn a large amount of calories, compared to a person with a slower metabolism. This basically means that the person with the faster metabolism could eat 100 calories and burn all of them, while a person with a slower metabolism will eat the same 100 calories, and only burn a portion of that, causing their body to save these unburned calories and convert them to fat.

While you are unable to completely change your metabolism, such as turning a slow one into a fast one, you are able to help influence you metabolism a great deal, and essentially improve the rate at which you are able to burn calories.

Factors that Influence Metabolism

Scottsdale weight loss centerInfluencing your metabolism can be done by monitoring what you eat, how much you eat every day, and how much exercise you are able to incorporate into your day. These three factors have the potential to help increase your metabolism and show weight loss results that many are seeking.

As mentioned above, exercise will help to influence your metabolism, and it is probably the most important influence on your BMR, simply because this is something that is completely in your control. There are also certain exercises you can do that will eventually influence your metabolism as well. Weight lifting and a greater muscle mass both have been shown to increase one’s metabolism a great deal. This is due to the fact that one pound of muscle burns about 15 calories a day.

Other factors that have been noted to affect your basal metabolic rate are your age and how much sleep on average a person gets each night. A person’s age has been shown to affect their metabolic rate due to the change in the body’s hormones, which occurs as the body grows older. Sleeping a consistent and regular amount each night has also been shown to help a person’s metabolism.


Losing weight can be difficult, but with knowing how your metabolism works and how important this complex process is to your weight loss can help a great Top Weight Loss Center Phoenixdeal. For this reason, it is important to remember that while you cannot completely change your metabolism through a healthy portion-sized diet and regular daily exercise, you are able to influence your metabolism and use it to help you achieve your weight goal.



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