Why do Overweight Parents Often Have Overweight Children?

There is a large correlation today between overweight parents and overweight children. The reasons for thiObesity Beach Picture2s are many:

1. Today minimum wage is no longer a wage which can support or sustain a family of three. In many states, minimum wage is not enough to rent an apartment let alone support a family. And yet, many families are faced with minimum wage jobs. As a result they take on as many jobs and as many hours as they can.

In doing so, they are pressed for time. Being pressed for time means that time allotted for exercise disappears and the time allotted for buying foods, preparing meals, and consuming healthy meals is gone as well. The result is little to no exercise and fast, pre-packaged foods. Parents who are busy working long hours and unable to really make the time to cook a healthy meal may end up purchasing foods that are pre-packaged and processed, thereby severely restricting the nutrition they receive and the nutrition their children receive. Even if their children were far from obese or overweight as a young child, with constant sources of nutrition only derived from fast food restaurants and processed foods, it becomes simply a matter of time.

2. The second reason that overweight parents have overweight children is that many parents have very little knowledge about the foods that they eat, nutrition, and how the body works. Not many parents today, in spite of having access to the internet and troves of other resources, do not know how the body processes different foods or different elements. They do not know that “fat free” foods are just as canstockphoto5813604unhealthy for you because they replace the fat with excess sugar. They do not know that “carbohydrate free” or “low calorie” or “gluten free” are just as bad. Many parents are told that high fructose corn syrup is bad and that fatty foods are bad.

As a result, they invest in foods that use “natural” or “raw” sugars or foods that are low in fat. What they do not realize is that the body processes all sugars the same way, regardless of whether it is high fructose corn syrup or raw sugar cane. Buying foods that pride themselves on the label as being “made with real honey” or “made with real sugar cane” or “fat free” are just as unhealthy. Giving their children snacks like this does not actually help their children or themselves to lose weight or to stop from gaining weight.

Unfortunately, in spite of the evidence out there, the academic and peer reviewed journals, and the scientific studies produced by the World Health Organization, many people, especially in America, are drawn toward specific information or informative sources all of which misdirect their readers so that processed food corporations can continue to profit. Education is power and that power can help put an end to obesity and overweight adults and children.

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