Why Some Weight Loss Programs Don’t Work

When trying to lose those extra unwanted pounds, people often turn to a weight loss program. All over the media, there is information about new programs that help celebrities lose a great amount of weight in such a short time. It is only natural that everyone wants to try the celebrity methods. However, that doesn’t mean that these options, or any weight loss program for that matter, will help you lose weight. Why? Because some methods do not work at all. Learn why some programs don’t work and why.

Some Weight Loss Programs are Too Hard

Some programs don’t work for certain people for various reasons, but one of the most common is the simple fact that certain weight loss programs are too hard to stick with. They are hard to stick to, they are hard to remember, and they are difficult to keep up with, especially when you lead a busy life. Dieting includes Weight Loss Phoenix AZchanging your eating and drinking habits for an extended period of time, and that can be challenging. Having willpower for an extended period of time is problematic, as well, and when you don’t have it, this can lead to regression into old eating habits in the form of binging.

The Medifast Weight Loss Program is simply an easy program to stick with. There is no calorie counting, special meal preparation, or bland food. The Medifast program includes an excellent variety of food that is delicious, and clients are allowed to eat every couple of hours. It is a program that is nutritious, healthy and scientifically proven.

Too Many Cravings

One of the most common issues with weight loss programs is that people try to cut out all of the unhealthy, fatty and high carbohydrate foods they love and focus on healthy foods. While this is a wonderful idea and makes for a good attempt, it is quite difficult to do due to persistent and overpowering food cravings. Cutting out food you love, will just result in binge eating at some point, because your glucose levels bottom out and you have an intense craving for high sugar, high carbohydrate foods. For this reason, once in a while, you should simply try to have a smaller portion of an unhealthy food that you love.

The Medifast program has anticipated these issues, and created food choices that are delicious and satisfy cravings!

The Hunger Factor

Weight Loss Clinics PhoenixAnother aspect of weight loss programs that make them unproductive is the fact that they make you feel hungry most of the time. By cutting out food from your diet and strictly sticking to healthy food like lean chicken and salads, your body will have to readjust from how you use to eat.

This is hard because you feel hungry for most of the day, even if you are eating a regular amount. To ward off hunger, break your meals up in five or six small meals. This way, you get something to eat every three hours or so, and you don’t feel starved.

A top weight loss program such as Medifast offers food with a high glycemic index. This minimizes hunger, while clients eat 6 times daily. Who has time to get hungry when you’re eating six times a day!

Emotional Eating

One common reason that weight loss programs do not work, generally, is because they do not deal with the emotional side of eating. For many people who are trying to lose weight, they often gained that weight from emotional eating. With this concept, eating is a comfort, and when you are feeling upset or depressed, eating is often a way for people to feel better. Dieting will help to shed those pounds, but unless the core reason for the emotional eating is uncovered and treated, there is a great probability that emotional eating will recur. This becomes a cycle that many people get trapped into, and one that the dieting only helps to reinforce.

Medifast permits clients to eat six times a day, and there are several dessert options such as brownies, shakes, cookies and more.

ConclusionsTop Weight Loss Center in Phoenix

As you can see, there are certain weight loss programs that don’t work for numerous reasons. While dieting might seem like an easy way to lose weight, it can often be counterproductive. Weight loss programs often do not address the true core habits or lifestyle patterns that lead to the weight gain. While adhering to a certain menu might help to shed some of the weight, it will not help to keep you at your goal weight. Without lifestyle changes, diets are useless in a person’s attempt to lose and maintain a healthy weight.


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