You Probably Have Diabetes and Don’t Know It

Diabetes affects millions of people in the world, but 50% of them don’t know about their condition. Most of the people tend to ignore the symptoms of diabetes as the symptoms are usually not very Diabetes-pictureobvious. Blood sugar test and urine sugar test are the best ways to identify the blood sugar level in the body.

Various symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, feeling thirsty, weight loss or weight gain, hunger pangs, skin problems, slow healing, yeast infections, fatigue, blurred vision, and numbness or tingling.

If diabetes is left untreated for long, then it can cause organ failure, amputations, blindness, heart attack, stroke, etc. Diabetes increases the risk of several major health issues including heart problems, kidney issues and strokes. Diabetes also causes eye complications leading to cataracts, glaucoma and sometimes it may also lead to blindness.

High glucose levels create problems in blood circulation in limbs that may damage the tissues of the organ and lead to amputation of the limb. If you have a family history of diabetes, then it is better to take blood test to know your present condition. Ethnicity, age, and family history of a person are also the deciding factors of diabetes. If you have crossed the age of 40 and have a family history of diabetes, you must check whether you have diabetes or not.

Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes are the major types of diabetes seen in diabetic patients. The patients with Type 1 diabetes are born with the disease and normally diagnosed within the initial years of life. Diabetic people with type 1 diabetes have to take insulin injections to maintain the blood sugar level. Type 2 diabetes is usually found in elderly people and it is diagnosed mostly in middle-aged people. Type 2 is caused because of the inefficiency of the insulin in the body.

Blood test has to be performed after fasting, i.e. the person should avoid eating anything for at least 8 hours before taking the test. If the blood sugar level is above 126mg/dl, then you are a diabetic patient. The cutoff level for normal blood sugadiabetes-picture-300x199r is 99 mg/dl, where as 100-125mg/dl is considered as prediabetic condition.

If you have a family history of diabetes, then it is recommended to test your blood sugar level every year. Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then you have to make certain lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

If you have diabetes, then you should maintain your blood pressure and cholesterol at a normal level to avoid complications. One should lose weight if he or she is over one’s ideal body weight. Medifast offers a special weight loss program for Type 2 diabetics that is safe, nutritious and helps with lasting weight loss.

Diabetic patients should do proper exercise like brisk walking for at least 30-60 minutes a day. It is also recommended to perform muscle and bone strengthening activities such as sit-ups and lifting weights. Always maintain a healthy weight and take the prescribed medicines without fail. Even if you have reached the target blood sugar level, you should maintain it by taking medicines and proper diet, and by doing proper exercise.

If you have diabetes and you don’t know it, then it may be an alarming situation. It is recommended that you pay attention to signs, take your medication on time and lead a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise.


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